Stem/Steam Checkout Materials

We have a number of items  that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  These are educational in nature, but also provide hours of entertainment.  Check-out time if 30 days.  So stop by and see the collection we have.  Shown below is part of our collection.

STEM/STEAM Options for Toddlers and Younger Children (ages. 2-8):

  • Imagination Magnets
  • Imagination Patters Deluxe
  • Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center
  • Tower Cubes
  • Toddler STEM Backpacks (five different backpacts focused on tools, shapes, colors, etc)

STEM/STEAM Options for Older Children and Teens (ages 9 to 15):

  • IPTV Building Challenge Backpacks (Donated by The Max and Helen Guernsey Charitable Foundation)
  • A vareity of Snap Circuts (Light*, Sound*, Smart Circuts, etc)
  • Makey Makey*
  • Gear It!
  • Squishy Circuits
  • Craft-Struction Box sets
  • Circuit Maze
  • Gravity Maze
  • BLOXELSTM Build Your Own Video Games*
  • Strawbees.
  • CanaKitTM Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit 32 GB EVO+ Edition*
  • A variety of LEGOTM sets 

*Must be 18 and in good standing to check-out

STEM Backpacks (horz.).jpeg

Toddler STEM Backpacks

(1 month check-out)

A selection of STEM options to check-out. NOTE: with some items, you must be 18 years or older and must be in "good standing" to check-out.

STEM Backpacks for grades Kindergarten--3rd grade

The Iowa STEM Advisory Council of North Central Iowa delivered five backpacks of STEM goodies to us just recently. Each kit includes children’s books, activity guides, and games to keep children learning science, technology, engineering, and math this summer.

The STEM packs themes are “Fabulous Five Senses” with a microscope, “Perfect Patterns” with pattern blocks, “Humpty Dumpty” with DUPLO blocks, “Fabulous Fractions” with a fun pizza game, and “Bee and Me” with a programmable Bee-Bot robot.

Because the packs are new, each pack is available for a two-week checkout.