Give Financial Gifts to the Library

Your gift of money is always welcome at the Library. We have various programs to suit your giving needs. A gift to the library is a nice way to commemorate a person, a birthday or other special event.
  • Monetary gifts can be personally delivered to the library or may be sent to:
    Aplington Legion Memorial Library
    929 Parriott Street, P.O. Box 38
    Aplington, Iowa 50604
  • If the gift is being given to commemorate someone, please specify the name of that person and the name of the giver.  If a receipt is needed, please indicate that as well.
  • If the purchase of a specific item or type of item is desired with the gift of the money, this should be discussed with Alexis Karsjens, the library director at or call 319-347-2432.

Give Materials

Donations are always welcome
The library accepts gifts of gently used books, CDs, DVD's and other materials. If you are cleaning out your home or office, consider donating your used items to the library.  Unused craft supplies are welcomed. We do not accept encyclopedia's.