There are a variety of ways volunteers contribute to the Library.

Aplington Legion Memorial asks that volunteers commit to serve at the library over an extended period of time.  This commitment could be as little as an hour a week or as many hours a week a volunteer is willing to donate.  This will maximize the service you provide as well as the time the director and staff put forth in training.

Please contact the director at akarsjens@aplington.lib.ia.us or call 319-347-2432

Possible volunteer jobs would include:

  • Shelving books
  • Straightening stacks
  • Other special projects
  • Prepare craft items for programs
  • Deliver books 
  • Help supervise children's programs
  • Decorate the library seasonally
  • Clean library shelves
  • Provide instruction to new computer users
  • Provide snacks for children's programs
  • Lead an adult book club discussion
  • Create and construct a parade float for the library
  • Sort pop cans at the recycling center

Or become a Friends of the Library...

  • Spread the word about library programs, resources, and services
  • Hold bi-annual used book sales
  • Volunteer to help in the library
  • Promote literacy
  • Sponsor special programs that make use of the library
  • Organize special programs and guest speakers
  • Organize pop can recycling 

For more information about becoming a Friend, check out the Friends of the Library page under the "About" tab or click this link here.