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Tweens Volunteer

This summer the kids in grades 5 - 8 are "making a difference" by getting involved in our community...and the world!

Last week they placed containers at Stinky's, the ARC, Penny Penguin's, Peppercorn Pantry, For Heaven's Sake, and the library for the purpose of collecting spare change from the community at large.  Collecting enough cash will allow them to purchase a goat for $120 through Heifer International.  The goat will in turn provide a family in another country with milk to drink and to sell. For more information about Heifer International and to donate on-line check out this link:

Other projects the Tweens will be doing to "make a difference" this summer include helping with library chores and helping with the summer reading program for grades 1 - 4.  Stay tuned to see what other creative ways the 'tweens think of to help those around them.

Those participating in 'tweens thus far include Brandon C., Leah D., Abby D., Heidi H., Madison J., Caleb S., and Zach S.