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Give Time to the Library

Want to join the growing number of library volunteers? There are a variety of ways you can contribute. Volunteers help with children's programs and special events, provide clerical help, and provide instruction to new adult learners and those who have limited access to or experience with computer technology.

  • YOU can be a volunteer by contacting one of the library staff. 
  • Some of the volunteer opportunities may be performed from your home, others from within the library.
  • Here is a list of possible volunteer activities:

    -prepare craft items for children's programs

    -publish a quarterly newsletter

    -deliver books to shut-ins

    -help supervise children's programs

    -provide transportation to the library for those desiring it

    -develop genealogy resources

    -decorate the library seasonally

    -clean library shelves

    - "read" shelves

    - provide instruction to new computer users

    -provide snacks for children's programs
    -lead an adult book club discussion

    -create and construct a parade float for the library

    -sort pop cans at the recycling center

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