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Going Postal - January Display

Do you remember when postage for a 1st class letter was $.13? Aplington’s postmistress, Veronica Groeneveld does.

In 1978 118-1876_IMG.JPGVeronica began working for the United States Postal Service in Hartley, Iowa and at that time postage was just $.13 for a letter.  Since then she has worked at the Sutherland Post Office, Grundy Center Post Office, Clarksville Post Office, and at Aplington’s Post Office since 2002.  Although she began working as a clerk, she was at the right place at the right time and assumed the position of post mistress already in 1982. Throughout her employment she began to collect postal paraphernalia and was willing to share some of her collection with the library.  So until Valentine’s Day our display window includes such items as mail drop box banks, a musical mail box, a selection of books of stamps, a 1000 piece postage stamp puzzle, an old flag, and Christmas stamp tree decorations. Other unique items included are a few envelopes with hologram stamps that were available in 1989 and 1990 when first class postage was $.25.   Veronica still cuts cancelled stamps off letters she receives. Combined with decoupage medium she and her children have turned them into decorative mugs, plates, storage containers, and picture frames.  A few of these are also displayed. When Veronica is traveling she always carries some stamped post cards with her so that she can send them back to family.  What Veronica probably enjoys collecting the most are old flags and what she enjoys about her job the most is helping people. “If it weren’t for the people I’m not sure I’d still be working with the Post Office,” says Veronica. When you stop by the library this month be sure to take some time to enjoy this display.  Thanks for sharing with us, Veronica.  And thanks for being a great neighbor to the library!

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