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Marty Weber Shares Cookie Jar Collection

After Marty got married to Paul Weber in 1996 and moved to Aplington, she began collecting cookie jars.

Soon after Marty and Paul were married, they attended the Gold Rush Flea Market in Rochester, Minnesota and bought several cookie jars.  Hence, the beginning of Marty’s cookie jar collection. 

Today the collection has grown to include 25 cookie jars.  Collecting cookie jars has been a good choice for Marty given that she enjoys baking (and eating) all kinds of cookies.  Since cookie jars can be quite large, the challenge, of course, is finding a space to display them.  Marty is looking forward to obtaining new cupboards in their kitchen which will have an ideal space above them to display her cookie jar collection. 

Marty continues to collect cookie jars and presently is saving her quarters to purchase her “dream” jar which she saw at the Gold rush Flea Market in recent years.  It includes the “I Love Lucy” characters of Lucy, Desi, Fred and Ethel sitting in a green convertible.  Thank you, Marty for sharing this delightful collection with us.